A new approach for women who are preparing for, experiencing or suffering with menopause symptoms.
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"I feel so out of balance, I just want to feel like ME again."

"I think I must be dying, things just don't feel right."

"I think I have early on-set dementia."

"I have no energy, or motivation and I can't get a handle on my weight."

"How can this be menopause, I am only 42!"

"I want to be prepared, I don't want to suffer."

"I want to be able to have fun and enjoy my life after menopause is over!"


I have heard all these things and more from women who are experiencing the physical, emotional and cognitive challenges of midlife.

If you are thinking or feeling any of these things you are NOT alone.

Let me tell you a secret....
You do not need to struggle and suffer in midlife!

My mission is to change the way you understand what is happening to your body, support you to create hormonal balance andchange your menopause experience !

Hello and Welcome!

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As a Menopause Educator and Coach, I support women exactly like you on their menopause journey, to start implementing practical and realistic strategies to create hormonal balance, manage your symptoms and navigate your menopause journey with ease, joy and confidence.

I'm Jacqueline, a wife and mother of five who was stressed out, multi-tasking and juggling life, work, family, responsibilities etc until I discovered the wondrous world of Yoga Nashit - Yoga for Women's Health. That was the start of my journey into the world of women's health and understanding it from a totally different perspective.


I am now on a mission - to educate and empower women, JUST LIKE YOU, to improve your health and well-being by using a functional medicine, holistic, yoga-based approach and strategies to manage, relieve, treat and prevent a range of health issues.  


I work with women at all ages and stages of life, however I specifically support women on their menopause journey, changing the way they understand and experience this time of life. Using my holistic 5-Pillar approach to creating hormonal balance and improving your health and wellbeing, my aim is to support you to become proactive in your health story and to feel amazing.

Hormonal Health
is the corner stone of
Women's Health!

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The source of your symptoms is hormonal imbalance.


Creating hormonal balance, health and reslience is the starting point for healing your body and relieving your symptoms.


I support you to create hormonal health using a personalised holistic approach based on your unique needs.



Understand what is going on in your body in midlife, why you don't feel the same anymore, the stages of menopause, how they can show up, and why you are experiencing all these changes. 



Learn the tools and strategies for long term hormonal health and balance, so that you improve your health and wellbeing, and manage your symptoms well into post-menopause.



Implement personalised and practical tools and strategies, using a functional medicine, holistic, yoga-based approach to create hormonal balance,  transform your menopause experience and step into your true self.



You are not alone!

Every woman, regardless of what has happened until now, will go through menopause.

Connect to other women who are going through exactly what you are experiencing. 

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Personalised Program

(1:1 and 12 week program)

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"I didn’t realise that peri-menopause would make me feel like this as I am only 44!

I had no energy, no motivation, brain fog, I had aches and pains, and put on weight.

I didn’t want to feel old already. I didn’t want to feel like this.

But working with Jacqueline has shown me that there is another way. It has given me hope that my menopause symptoms are not inevitable, they can be managed and I can take control over what’s going on in my body. I don’t feel so scared anymore.

I am now excited about the journey ahead and all the possibilities."

This is a safe space to get informed, get support, know that you are not alone on this journey and that what you are going through is totally normal!

Learn practical tips and tricks for managingi symptoms, hear personal stories and experiences, free trainings, and get the latest info on menopause from around the world.

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Women's Hormonal
Health Series


A 4-part on-line program together with the Yoga Teachers Forum going deep into the world of women's hormones, PCOS, Endometriosis and Fertility.
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Therapeutic Yoga for
Pain Relief

for people suffering with physical pain or emotional trauma

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Hormonal Health
Yoga Training

(for yoga teachers, therapists and
health coaches).

"I love your classes. You lead me to focus on my body. Your unique approach allows all the stress and things that I am worrying about to just melt away."

"I joined Jacqueline’s facebook group and she explains everything so clearly without panic, stress or confusion. I scheduled a menopause consultation 

and now I have a clear action plan of what to do to start getting control of my symptoms."

"I am so happy that I have you and that you are guiding me and supporting me through this time. I went to see my doctor and he just didn’t validate what I was experiencing. He didn’t give me any practical tips to help me. Just that it would eventually pass. That’s not helpful!"

"Jacqueline’s Menopause Program taught me what is really going on in my body. I never realized how everything is connected and how important hormonal balance is to my health. I feel so much more empowered now, more balanced, more energized, more connected to myself. I now know what I have to do to move forward without suffering."

"Your approach to yoga strengthens my body in a way that I am now able to go back into my mind and deal with the things that I have to do today."

"After working with Jacqueline I now realise that menopause is a journey, a process. It is a time for me to rediscover myself. The symptoms can be managed and treated. I can be empowered by this journey and not feel so confused."


Stay connected and get empowered to improve your health and wellbeing.
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To get more information about how to navigate your menopause journey with ease and confidence, check out The Menopause Sisterhood.