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Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond.

Enjoy your pregnancy more,

and prepare for birth.

Weekly sessions

Small Groups - Personal Attention!



Yoga Nashit

Yoga for Women's Health.

Women are realizing that a whole new life awaits them post-menopause with new wisdom, new insights, new understanding and a new perspective.


The journey to achieve this

DOES NOT need to be through suffering and pain.

Weekly sessions

Personalised for your needs!



Therapeutic Yoga Sessions for

Health and Healing.

Personalised to treat your specific health needs. 

*Healing acute or chronic pain.

*Managing and treating chronic illness.

*Improving mind-body connection, health and well-being.

Private Sessions


Hello and Welcome!

"For me yoga is just the beginning, it’s the first step on the journey to a thriving life." 
I'm Jacqueline, a wife and mother of five who was multi-tasking and juggling life, work, family, responsibilities etc until I discovered the wondrous world of  Yoga Nashit - Yoga for Women's Health.
I am on a mission to educate and empower women JUST LIKE YOU how to manage, deal with, treat and prevent a range of health issues you experience throughout your life.
So what should you expect when you come to one of my yoga classes and what are my Three Pillars of practice?


Change the way you understand and experience your menopause.

Get the personalised support you need to get your menopause symptoms under control.


We offer a range of different workshops, depending on your stage of life and needs.


Read Jacqueline's monthly blog where she explores meaningful and intentional living while juggling the real-life crazy!


Links to yoga videos, interesting articles about women's health, yoga and general wellness, and the world of Yoga Nashit.

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Everybody's Talking.....

"I love your classes. You lead me to focus on my body. They way you do it allows all the stress and things that I am worrying about to just melt away."


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