Proud to be a Hormonal Woman!

Everything that happens to a woman throughout her life is a function of her hormones - her hormone health, balance or imbalance.
Many of our women's health issues are directly related to hormonal imbalance or hormonal fluctuations. 
However many of us don't even understand the natural hormonal changes that occur at different stages of our life and what they mean for our phyiscal, emotional and mental health.
In addition there is now more and more evidence to show how stress, what we eat, the quality and quantity of our sleep and our lifestyle directly affect our hormone health and wellbeing.
I believe that understanding our hormonal health and creating hormone balance is the corner stone for improving our overall health and wellbeing, especially during our menopause years.

I am passionate about supporting women to improve
their hormonal balance and health to impove their menopause experience.