Change the way you understand and experience your menopause journey.

  • Are you between the ages of 40+ years and starting to experience or already experiencing menopause symptoms? - You may not even realise that the small health and wellbeing changes you are experiencing are menopause related!!
  • Do you want to better understand the physical, emotional and hormonal changes that you are experiencing so that you can improve your health and well-being during midlife?
  • Are you experiencing or suffering from physical, emotional and/or mental health symptoms as a result of your menopause journey.
  • Are you open to changing your mindset about what menopause and post-menopause living means for you?
  • Do you want to explore and discover the potential for growth, joy and wisdom that an intentional menopause journey can give you?
If you answer YES to any or all of these, then YOU are in the right place!
Join me on a journey of self-discovery as you uncover the joys of your menopause journey, and step into the next stage of your life with authenticity, confidence, balance and new found awareness and understanding.
I can support you to navigate your menopause journey with ease and confidence in a number of ways - choose what works for you best!

How I support women on their Menopause Journey.

1:1 Personal Consultation
An opportunity for you to discuss specific menopause symptoms you are experiencing, get clarity and practical strategies for taking control and moving forward.
Abridged Action Plan provided after session with what's app follow-up.
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Menopause Starter Program

You DON'T need to suffer and struggle through your menopause symptoms.

You CAN change your menopause experience!

This 6 week program gives you the tools to assess seven areas of your health and wellbeing (including hormones, nutrition and diet, sleep, stress, work-life balance) and to understand how they are changing as a result of your menopause journey.
Then take control of your menopause experience with a uniquely personalised program to start implementing SMALL  practical changes for BIG results.

This holistic approach uses Yoga Nashit - Yoga for Women's Health tools and principles to guide you as you navigate your menopause journey with ease and confidence.
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Menopause Health Assessment
A deep dive into 7 areas of your health and wellbeing to start getting empowered and take control of your menopause experience and symptoms.
Get practical and personalised strategies for navigating this stage of life with ease and confidence, based on your specific situation and lifestyle.
Action Plan provided after session with what's app follow up and support.

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The Menopause Sisterhood 
Menopause journey is a natural stage of your life cycle and is an opportunity for you to step into your most authentic, true self.  Join the Facebook group, get support, ask the questions you can't get answers to anywhere else, take part in live challenges, get empowered. 
Let's do it together!
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Education Webinars and Masterclasses
Take a deeper dive into issues that you are struggling with, get clarity on your natural hormonal changes during mid-life, learn strategies for treating and preventing symptoms.
To be the first to hear when we launch our educational content, workshops, webinars and Masterclasses.

Yoga at Home
Resource Library
On-line Yoga videos for all stages of your life cycle, including managing, treating and preventing menopause symptoms.