Banishing the Springtime To Do List

Its spring time. The weather is changing, the flowers are beginning to bloom and lots of people like to give advice!

Health and wellness experts will tell you this is a time of renewal. Organizational and de-cluttering professionals will tell you this is the time of spring cleaning, clearing out the cobwebs, and reorganizing your life/house. Life and business coaches will tell you this is the time to reassess your business plan and start new projects…… the Springtime To Do lists are endless – renewal, rebirth, refresh, restart.

And all of this is may be true. BUT for working mothers, or women whose lives are already full with the daily grind, the juggle, the crazy and the stress, spring doesn’t necessarily bring anything new, just more of the same, with no time or head-space to reassess where you are or what you are doing. In fact, the start of spring and April specifically, may actually bring MORE craziness – with religious festivals, vacation from school, more family time, warm weather so more demands to take the kids outdoors- all adding to the expectation of the “Newness of Spring”!

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, it is the gap between expectations of what SHOULD be verse the reality of what IS, that creates the stress triggers in our lives. So when we look at what springtime is meant to mean in our lives verse what is happening in real-life, the resulting gap creates more stress, anxiety, shame and disappointment that we are not living up to the hype!

I would like to offer a different perspective to this narrative. Something that may help us create a bit more calm, and allow us to embrace the joys of springtime rather than the laundry list of things we should be reassessing.

It is true that springtime is a time of renewal. This is the natural flow of the ecosystem, of nature, of energy. There is no getting around it. The challenge is HOW TO APPROACH this unique time. Do you fight against the new energy, the warmer weather, the new colours and flowers, or do you take a moment to breathe deep and observe it – without getting stressed about it.