Embracing “the M word”!

I recently conducted some market research. I asked a bunch of questions to you, my audience. I wanted to understand what you knew about your ever-changing body, how you create balance in your life and you how assess your personal health and wellbeing.

I spoke to a number of women between 40-55 years old and it has been fascinating.

These women have been so generous with their time and opening up to me about their lives, their physical and emotional health and wellbeing, and their thoughts about Yoga.

Whilst I won’t reveal personal details shared, I will say that I noticed a couple of common themes regarding our perceptions about the journey of Menopause – oh yeh I said the M word!

And wow are we totally unprepared! So here are my observations.

Observation 1: Most women are scared, apprehensive and down-right in denial about what happens in the approximately 15 years when our bodies move through the peri-menopause stage into final menopause. They don’t want to deal with the inevitable, would prefer to ignore it until it happens and will try to muddle along once it does happen.

Observation 2: Women are clueless about the hormonal changes their bodies go through, and consequently there is only anxiety surrounding the potential cascade of accompanying symptoms. There is very little understanding about what the hormonal changes are, and how they impact you emotional and physical changes. There is no awareness of how to prevent or manage them.

Observation 3: Some women did go to their gynecologist and try to become more informed. However, the doctor’s response was usually – “lets get a blood test to ascertain what stage of menopause you are in”. There was no discussion about what was involved physically, hormonally, or emotionally, there was no reassurance that everything would be ok, there was no connection or understanding. There was no offering of solutions (other than potential HRT- Hormone Replacement Therapy).