How to lose your Sh&% the Yoga way!

Welcome to a new year of blogging from The Yoga Room. Join me as I continue my journey of creating understanding, increasing awareness and strengthening connection with yourself and your body!

Two things happened over the last few weeks which got me thinking about what my Yoga Mum response would be.

A dear friend (who is also a busy, working mum of five) asked me if it was ever legitimate to lose your cool. One of her kids was having a hard time in school and she had played nice, but wasn’t getting anywhere. Only when she gave the head of school a piece of her mind (to put it mildly), did someone start to pay attention. In the same week, I read a fascinating post on Facebook about how kids, teenagers and parents communicate with each other. The punch line for me was

“Then mums say the words ‘for f*%k sake’ under their breath before every responding. It’s how we communicate.”

As some of you may know (I have written about this before), I am not the calmest person in the world and my husband often encourages me to use “my yoga voice” when communicating with our children ;). Having yoga in my life has definitely helped me become more aware of how I use my voice, especially when I need to forcefully get my message across. It is not 100% foolproof but I am trying hard to implement my yoga voice in more places than just The Yoga Room!

But the above two events got me thinking about the way women communicate to assert themselves and get the job done. It is common place for us to lose our cool at home, when the juggling, multi-tasking and stress become overwhelming and the kids are just not listening. At work it may be a less frequent occurrence as we don’t want to be labeled a diva, demanding or difficult! And when we see that we are not getting the best for our kids, whether it be at school or in any other setting, our protective Mama Bear persona may appear, ensuring that everyone hears us roar to protect the welfare of our children.