Just because I CAN multi-task doesn’t mean I HAVE to!

The start of 2018 has been tough for me.

Over the last month my family celebrated the immense joy of birth and the deepest grief of death all within 12 hours; I unexpectedly started a new job – before I had left my old one;  two yoga classes that I teach got cancelled; I bumped off important meetings…. you get the idea. Knowing that I was quickly unraveling,  I had to work especially hard on myself to be present emotionally and physically for my family and my other responsibilities. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

As January draws to close and I take a deep breathe and look back over the last 31 days, one of my favourite sayings during my 30s comes to mind.

“If you want something done, ask a busy person”.

I used to live by this mantra! The busier I was, the more productive I thought I could be, the more I expected myself to achieve. I was living proof of the copious amounts of research that show how women are biologically better equipped for multi-tasking and dealing with complicated multi-tiered situations.

However as I have got (a little bit) older, studied to become a Yoga Nashit- Yoga for Women's Health teacher and practice yoga on a regular basis I have discovered a little secret….

Just because women CAN multi-task, it doesn’t mean we HAVE to!

During last month’s emotional roller-coaster I was very conscience, connected and aware of what was going on. I knew that I had to let go of certain things to allow myself to be present for the important stuff. P