The thing about our hormones is....

Three years ago this month I wrote my second blog “Proud to be a hormonal woman”. It was a brave blog post for a newbie, as I went on a bit of a rant about how we as women, try to NOT define ourselves as hormonal beings, but it really is a losing battle.

I didn't realise at the time how much hormones would become a big focus of my work. How I would become a passionate advocate of women understanding their hormonal cycles, the importance of having hormonal balance to help us navigate our life, and critically how hormonal imbalance can profoundly affect our health and wellbeing.

As I work to support women on their menopause journey, the hormone conversation has become a major focus.

And there are three things that surprise me time and time again:

  1. The lack of basic knowledge and understanding that women have about their natural hormonal changes.

  2. The profound impact that hormones have on our daily lives and how we show up.

  3. The power we have to create hormonal balance for ourselves with small changes to our lifestyle.

As part of my mission as a Menopause Coach and Women’s Health advocate I want to change the way women understand and connect with being a hormonal woman.

So here are my top 6 things every woman needs to know about her hormones!

1. For good and for bad, we are a function of our hormones and being a hormonal woman should neither be seen as a joke or a dirty word. There is no point trying to deny them, hide them or ignore them.

As women, our hormones allow us to do amazing things - to create, to be intuitive, to be sensitive, to listen, to be able to multi-task. We should not be ashamed of any of these and we should embrace our hormones that enable us to achieve amazing things.