"For me yoga is just the beginning, it’s the first step on the journey to a thriving life." 

                                                                                                          Jacqueline, Founder The Yoga Room

At The Yoga Room we use yoga as a tool to help manage, treat, prevent and understand a range of health issues that women experience at various stage of their life – so that YOU can improve your overall health and well-being.
We guide women, just like you, to become aware of that is happening in your body, deepen understanding as to how your can become empowered to improve your own health, and strengthen that all important body-mind connection.
Our yoga approach is based on the Yoga Nashit- Yoga for Women's Health approach which uses traditional yoga poses, techniques and philosophy to engage with and listen to your body and the natural changes it goes through over time. Yoga Nashit empowers you to embrace your authentic self, your changing body, hormones and emotions, to create the understanding, balance and calm that you requires to live your fullest life. 
Choose from our range of classes. You are sure to find one to suit your specific needs. 

Yoga for Pregnancy,

Birth and Beyond

These yoga classes give you the tools to help you enjoy your pregnancy more, relieve many uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms and help your body deal with the changes it goes through during pregnancy.


In addition, you will learn the basics of the "active birth" philosophy of birthing which empowers you and prepares you for birth.

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Yoga for Your

Menopause Journey

Are you suffering from a range of physical, emotional and mental symptoms and changes?


Do you wish your menopause experience could be different but don't know how to achieve this?


More and more women are realizing that a whole new life awaits them post-menopause with new wisdom, new insights, new understand and a new perspective - and the journey to achieve this DOES NOT need to be through suffering  and pain.

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Therapeutic Yoga -

Private Sessions

Healing acute or chronic pain.

Managing and treating chronic illness.

Improving mind-body connection, health and well-being.

Private Sessions to meet your specific needs.

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Jacqueline Rose

The Yoga Room - The Menopause Coach


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