Yoga Nashit for Menopause

Are  you scared, apprehensive or down-right in denial about the physical, emotional and hormonal changes your body is experiencing?
Are you suffering from a range of physical, emotional and mental symptoms and challenges?
Do you wish your menopause experience could be different but don't know how to achieve this?
More and more women are realizing that a whole new life awaits them post-menopause with new wisdom, new insights, new understand and a new perspective - and the journey to achieve this DOES NOT need to be through suffering and pain.
To do this, you have to first traverse the peri-menopause and menopause stage with much more wisdom, awareness, understanding and connection.
Yoga Nashit for the Menopause Journey will take you on a journey to improve your health and well-being and prepare you for the amazing life waiting for you post-menopause. It will give you the tools to balance your raging hormones and relieve (and even PREVENT) many of the physical and emotional side-effects you are experiencing.
Change the way you experience your Menopause Journey.

You CAN navigate your menopause journey with confidence!
 You DON'T need to suffer and struggle with your menopause symptoms.

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